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I have created this blog so that friends and family around the world can be a part of my experience learning, teaching, and living in Namibia. I will be serving in the Peace Corps as a secondary science teacher from Jan. 7, 2007 - Dec. 15, 2008. (Postings to this blog are simply my own views and do not represent the ideas or opinions of the Peace Corps or the US Government.)

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

talk to me people

RELAX!!!! its only ~9000 miles away!

I guess it's kinda far actually, and because of this (and some other logistical issues) sending mail to Namibia can be a long process. Sometimes taking up to a month to reach its final destination. Considering that I may not have regular internet access however, this may be the best way to communicate with me.

During my two first months in country I will be undergoing intensive pre-service training (PST). My training group will be very busy during this time as well as very mobile: we will all live together for a week or so, spread out and live with individual host families for awhile, see a bit of the country, and reconvene for the last week. While we are traipsing around the country ALL of our belongings will be in-tow. All trainees will share a common mailing address during this time and Peace Corps reps will then bring us mail to our current location (like being at summer camp all over again, kinda).

Because I will not be settled at a permanent post at this time, and I will also be getting bogged down with lots of material and equipment from the Peace Corps, I would appreciate mail containing only your beautiful words...which are lacking in weight and size....but mean the most to me. Once I have been assigned my permanent post and set up (or find) a mail box I can use, I will then post that address.

Address during training:

Allison West
P.O Box 6862
Windhoek, Namibia

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hooray! I'm under the legal limit...

So, I have decided to post my packing list. While this is not the most exciting post ever, I do think it will be helpful for fellow or future volunteers serving in Northern Namibia. Then again, if I ended up packing all the wrong things...this could be the most worthless list of information ever (I think I did a pretty good job though). Furthermore, I am impressed with myself because I am UNDER the 80 pound limit!!! That is if you don't count my insanely heavy carry-on which has ALL of my electronics and books!

4 bras
2 sports bras
1 swim suit
8 pr socks
1 pr thick tights
10 pr underwear
1 light weight cordaroy jacket
1 wind breaker
3 sweaters
1 long sleeve shirt
1 warm zip-up fleece
2 sleep shirts
2 grubby T-shirts
7 short sleeved shirts for work
2 button up blouses
6 ribbed tank tops
3 camisoles
4 calf-length skirts
1 dress
black pant suit for meetings
1 pr jeans
2 pr khakis
1 pr khaki capris
1 pr black pants
2 pr pajama pants (one warm)
1 pr soccer shorts
1 pr warm-up pants
2 sarongs
1 beanie
1 wide-brimmed hat
1 pr gloves
1 scarf

1 pr running shoes
1 pr mid-ankle hiking boots (Keen)
black closed toe shoes (for work)
brown closed toe shoes (for work)
Chaco's (Teva-like sandels)

wash cloth
hair bands
head bands
small bottle castille soap
hand sanatizer
sunscreen/ bug repellent
2 deoderant sticks
3 razors
2 toothbrushes
1 travel tube of toothpaste
feminine products
medicine (IBuprofen, etc.)
nail clippers/file

Electronics, etc.
laptop and case
security cable for laptop
digital camera and case
30GB image saver
2 USB thumb drives
AA & AAA batteries
MP3 player
220V converter

2 novels
Namibian guide book
2007 weekly planner
black business notebook
copy of US Constitution
SW African Bird book
mini dictionary/thesaurus (in one)
2 journals
Life Sci. and Phys. Sci. textbooks on dvd

Everything else...
1 double flat sheet
sleeping bag
harmonica and music book
host gifts (CA calendars, SD hats, stickers, necklaces)
Melitta coffee filter
#2 coffee filters and coffee
coffee travel mug
small first aid kit
sewing kit
some ball point pens
some Sharpies
2 tupperware containers
blank CDs
travel mirror
small pocket knife
whet stone
razzor blades
battery alarm clock
can opener
safety pins
4 large rubberbands
head lamp w/ extra bulb
small flashlight
2 very small photo frames
lots of photos of family & friends
a few zip-ties
scissors/pencil sharpener
1 Nalgene bottle
2 compression bags
accordian document file
small saw
money belt
Peace Corps Handbook, etc.
laundry bag
spiral notebook
small day backpack
6 caribeaners (sp?)
10 ziplock bags
scotch/duct/electrical tape
address book and stationary
shortwave radio

Yes...all under 80 pounds. Amazing, yes, I agree.
(of course I have another 50 lbs of books and journals that will just have to be sent to me as needed)